EDJBA No Zone Policy

Introduction of EDJBA “No zone” policy U8 to U14s

Why has the policy been introduced?

Basketball Australia recommends that a No Zone policy be implemented in all U14 (and younger) competitions.  EDJBA has decided to adopt this policy.

The basis for the introduction of the “no zone” policy is that zone defences at those age groups can limit the development of individual and team skills.  For example, driving opportunities are limited and players often do not have the muscular strength and coordination to shoot, with good technique, from the perimeter or throw “skip” passes.  This reduces the need for defensive skills such as “closing out” and positioning.

Whilst the “no zone” rule focuses on the defence, it was introduced to enhance the development of both offensive and defensive skills.  Indeed, as you will see later in this manual – it is up to the offence, through ball and player movement, to “prove” that it is a zone defence. It is important to remember that the “no zone” rule applies only in the quarter court and zone presses and trapping defences are allowed, if they fall back to man to man principles in the quarter court

EDJBA Definition – Zone Defence

Any defence played inside the three-point line which does not incorporate normal man to man defensive principles shall be considered to be a zone. EDJBA approach and penalties

The EDJBA approach is one of communication and education:

  • If a team is playing Zone, then feedback should be provided to the EDJBA, please click here: EDJBA Zone Defence Feedback
  • NO action should be taken during games
  • Do NOT approach the referees, they are not responsible for enforcing this policy
  • Do NOT approach the Venue Supervisor, they are not responsible for enforcing policy
  • Do NOT approach or speak to the coach playing zone
  • There are NO in game penalties
  • If there are concerns about the defence played by a particular team during the season, then this should be communicated to the EDJBA here> EDJBA Zone Defence Feedback
  • If the team is playing a zone defence, this will be communicated to their Club, who will be required to provide education to the coach on acceptable man to man principles

Download- full policy – EDJBA No Zone policy