Player’s Corner

Player’s Corner

About “The Steelers”

At the POBC the club is there for you as a player. All of our coaches and committee volunteer their time to make every season of your playing years enjoyable.

We provide access to all aspects of domestic basketball to you or your child.
This starts with Mini Steelers- a program designed to get boys and girls into this amazing game in a friendly manner. This program runs for 2 sessions over 2 weeks at 2 different venues. Additional details can be found here.

From the ages of 6 up club basketball is what we offer.

  • all the facts and details about POBC and EDJBA

Skills and Drills

  • offensive and defensive drills
  • training skills

Game Times

3 Pointers

  • rules
  • how to shoot 3 pointers

Learning the rules

  • know all the rules, enjoy the game

Player responibilities

  • game and training day
  • player behaviour

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