Team Managers

Team Manager Responibilities

Thank you for volunteering as the team manager for your team. This is valuable role, liaising between players and coach and the team and the club.

The first thing we ask you to do is make sure that you are registered as a team manager within the Sporting Pulse. CLICK TO REGISTER This will ensure all team manager communication comes to you.

Prior to the season:

  1. Complete the team sheet of players details given to you from the selection team.
  2. Introduce yourself to your team/parents. It is suggested that you do this via a bcc email list and seek permission to distribute any contact details to the team.
  3. Identify whether there are any privacy issue- such as parents/players not wishing for photographs, medical issues and ensure the appropriate parties  are aware of this.
  4. Inform players and family of training venue/time and game day requirements. In this email we recommend reminding of game payments, scoring roster and money collection.


  • Team Sheets/Roster – Download Template

  • Season dates-  Download

  • Team Managers Info Sheet-  Download

  • Game information Download

  • Rules- Link

  • Fill-in Player – rules Link

  • Team Manager Registration Link

    NOTE:  The fill in player will NOT need to pay a game fee if they are filling in for a PK team playing at a HOME stadium

  • Heat Policy Link

  • How to Score Read More- learn how

  • How to timekeep

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